Uncommon Idea: Smart-Home Technology Control4 CTRL

This stock pick is a smart-home business is in its infancy, so there are huge opportunities for its early significant market share in the sector. Getting into a small-cap growth stock like this early on can reap serious rewards.

Uncommon Idea: Cloud-Based Home Security Alarm.com ALRM

Our pick provides cloud-based software platform solutions for smart homes and businesses. It’s profitable, growing earnings and has sales in the double-digits and holds no debt.

Uncommon Idea: Heart Healthy Medical Devices Abiomed ABMD

Heart failure and coronary disease are the number one causes of death in the United States. This stock is the clear market leader for heart failure patients in need of high-risk heart procedures.

Uncommon Idea: Cloud-Based Human Capital Management Paycom PAYC

This stock screams growth and high margins, but unlike other small-cap growth names, it can significantly benefit from a rising interest rate environment.

Uncommon Idea: Cloud-Based Pharma Regulation Veeva VEEV

The Uncommon Idea in Brief Buy Veeva Systems (VEEV) stock for the long term. (Published July 5, 2017) Build a long position between $48 and $52. Add aggressively on a breakout over $52. The Industry Opportunity Meet the compliant cloud. Companies that are highly regulated require cloud platforms customized to meet compliance needs. The Compliant

Uncommon Idea: Medical Robotics Mazor MZOR

This company not only has to prove its robotics is safe, but convinced medical facilities to sink large initial investments to use them. Based on the past several quarters of revenue, it’s been successful.

Uncommon Idea: Virtual Reality Tech for Gaming Kopin KOPN

This stock boasts top-name partners in both the audio and optics space of virtual and augmented reality. The fabless business model allows it to step back into a supplier mode for multiple companies in the space rather than competing with them.

Uncommon Idea: Team Collaboration Software Atlassian TEAM

Migration to the public cloud (Amazon Web Services) has expanded the ability of the company to aggressively expand and reach new markets. By migrating to the cloud, the stock has removed the need to deploy staff around the world to set up data centers.