Uncommon Idea: A Cloud Bridge and Buyout Candidate Gigamon GIMO

Gigamon has transitioned itself to act as a bridge for companies transitioning to the cloud while maintaining a physical network presence with a focus on security and monitoring traffic and communication.

Uncommon Idea: Cloud-Based Advertising The Trade Desk TTD

The Trade Desk is a cloud based advertising platform encompassing multiple avenues for digital ad placement.

Uncommon Idea: Remote Computing, Automated Service LogMeIn LOGM

Initially built for telecommuters and computer repairers, LogMeIn offers software that permits a user on one computer to remotely and securely access and operate a computer far away. Additionally, the company has evolved to offer new capabilities to its users including Citrix Systems’ GoTo assets.

Uncommon Idea: Organic Display Technology Universal Display OLED

Universal Display owns or has exclusive, co-exclusive or sole license rights with respect to more than 4,200 issued and pending patents worldwide on organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology.

Update: WIX Showing Technical Support

The stock was buyable below $55 this morning and a bounce above that level demonstrated that support is holding.

Update: AAOI Technical Support Is What Matters Now

Despite the big volume from last week, we now have a market with many recent buyers sitting on losses.

Uncommon Idea: DIY Website Production Wix.com WIX

Wix.com is the market leader in the do-it-yourself (DIY) website building market, boasting more than 100 million registered users and more than 2.5 million premium subscribers. Wix users have created more than 28 million websites around the world.

Uncommon Idea: Software-as-a-Service for Education 2U TWOU

2U’a solutions include an online campus, an online learning platform that enables its clients to offer educational content together with instructor-led classes in a live, intimate and engaging setting.

Update: Ellie Mae Weakness Gives us a Buying Opportunity

Ellie Mae was hit hard by earnings and guidance, but as we said, buying should be aggressive below $100.

Uncomman Idea: Heart Health iRhythm IRTC

IRTC is changing the marketplace in terms of cardiac testing. The company is establishing itself at the forefront of wearable healthcare tech.