Uncommon Idea: Automated Marketing With HubSpot HUBS

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales growth stack. The growth stack consists of three segments: marketing, sales and customer relationship management (CRM). All three platforms are free to start and users can integrate right out of the box.

Uncommon Idea: The Scoop on Hadoop With Hortonworks HDP

Hortonworks creates, distributes and supports data management software solutions built on open source technology. It delivers Hadoop technology programs for free, and charges for support, education and professional services.

Uncommon Idea: Data Agility for Cloud Conversion Talend TLND

Talend provides the data agility required for companies to rapidly adopt the latest technology innovations and scale to meet the constantly-evolving demands of modern business.

Uncommon Idea: A Cloud Bridge and Buyout Candidate Gigamon GIMO

Gigamon has transitioned itself to act as a bridge for companies transitioning to the cloud while maintaining a physical network presence with a focus on security and monitoring traffic and communication.